new windows ideal for new home improvements in 2021

Best home improvements for 2021

Listed here are some of the home improvements best to undertake in 2021. The number one home improvements in the UK, are still the home improvements aimed at renewable energy. 

That includes these home improvements;

  • Double Glazing for doors and windows
  • Solar Panels
  • Solar Thermal Heating
  • Insolation of lofts, walls and floor space
  • Biomass Heating Systems

Benefits of Double glazed doors and windows

high quality stained glass double glazed windows as home improvement

The biggest benefit of double glazed windows and doors is extra heat for your home in the winter months. Plus, believe it or not, double glazing can actually make your house cooler in the summer months.

This effect is down to the double panes of glass which have an air gap in between them. In the winter this keeps heat in your home leading to a happier household and of course reduced energy bills.

On the other hand in the summer months, this can have the opposite effect and keep your home cooler. This again is down to that air gap between the glass.

How does the air gap work?

graph explaining heat loss reduction with double glazed windows

By allowing a small gap of cool air in between the glass stops warm air produced by your heating from cooling to quickly when coming into contact with the outside elements.

In the summer months, this effect is reversed meaning that cool air in your home is not heated by the outside because of the gap in between the elements again.

Another direct benefit of double glazing as your new home improvement is reduced noise pollution. If you live in a busy town or on a main road double glazing can massively reduce the noise from outside entering your home.

new windows and doors installed as home improvement for 2021

Benefits of solar panels and solar thermal heating.

Have you ever considered solar panels or solar thermal heating for your home improvements in 2021? Both are ideal home improvements to generate more renewable energy for your home in 2021.

Solar water heating systems or solar thermal systems use the energy produced by the sun. This energy is captured by solar panels installed in the roof space and then charged to a battery to be used later by the household.

solar panels make a great new home improvement in 2021

Not only can you save on energy bills with solar panels but there are various different schemes available to sign up to meaning you can sell unused electricity back to your energy supplier. Making solar panels one of the leading options for home improvements.

Insulation, insulation, insulation.

Insulating walls, floors and loft space can be an excellent home improvement. By insulating these areas you can help reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your home.

Significantly reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money on your energy bills. Insulation is a very viable home improvement to think about when considering any energy-saving solutions for your home.

Biomass Heating Systems

biomass energy sources explained

Biomass is a completely renewable energy source. The energy is created by burning organic matter such as wood household waste and other organic materials.

It does produce some carbon dioxide in this process but still far less than fossil fuels. Biomass heating systems often burn chips or wood pellets and provide either heat to a single room or to a water heating system usually.

By installing a wood-fuelled biomass heating system you could potentially save up to £800 a year when compared to an older electric system.

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